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A collection of children's books with the magic lantern in the leading part.

A fabulous vintage Raphael Tuck book! Nice presentation of the alphabet for children. On each of the pages is an illustration of a magic lantern displaying some letters and the corresponding animals. Beautiful graphics. 12" x 10" (30,5 x 25,5 cm).


The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter, (London: F. Warne and Co, 1896).
Movable book expert Theo Geilen in the Volume 5, Number 3 – September 1997 edition of Movable Stationary:

“With the same title of The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter, Warne and Co. published in 1896 a simplified edition of the earlier book (1890). The moveable part was reduced to only 1 wheel, built in the front cover of the book and showing only 4 pictures of the girl who played with fire; the number of stories included was also reduced to 12. From this edition appeared a Dutch edition with the literally translated title De Tooverlantaarn, published in 1897 by Campagne & Zoon in Amsterdam. At the latest in 1900, but undated, the 8 pages with the embedded wheels known from the 1890 edition, were used again by Warne & Co. for a third version of The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter. Printed without text this time, the cover reads "Printed and made in Bavaria." There was also the Dutch edition of 'The Magic Lantern', 'De Tooverlantaarn', (J. Vlieger) telling the story of the Dutch equivalent of Slovenly Peter, Piet de Smeerpoes. This Dutch edition has no text, similar to the third English edition published around 1900. But copies of this edition are extremely scarce, as are all these Warne editions.”

Mr. Geilen also mentioned a Russian edition with the title Steka Rastrepka (Slovenly little Steven) published in 1898 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. No mention was made in the article about a French edition. Indeed, before this copy turned up, we were unaware that a French edition had ever been made.
Hard bound rag paper book entitled: 'THE BIJOU ALPHABET", by Miss Colman, published by S. Colman, Boston, 1846.120 pages, printed on one side only; pressed yellow board covers, 4 1/8 x 5 1/4" (10,5 x 13,5 cm). Hand watercolour embellished engraved graphics.



An absolutely wonderful edition of LITTLE PAUL'S CHRISTMAS, (story of an orphan) from the NEW SERIES TOY BOOKS, published by The Religious Tract Society, Piccadilly, London. 10 x 9 inches (25,5 x 23 cm), 21 pages. 6 full colour pages. Illustrations are just wonderful examples of early colourful lithographs.
C. 1875.

Paul Pry's Magic Lantern is a miniature juvenile book originally printed by J.L. Marks, Smithfield, London. Inside there are a series of images representing slides and text of a little magic lantern show by Mr. Paul Pry. The cover of this book reads, "Paul Pry's Magic Lantern. Printed by J. I. Marks, Long Lane, Smithfield." On the back at the bottom it reads, From the Collection of Richard Balzer for the Magic Lantern Society 1987 Convention. Reprinted Courtesy of Evans Printing Company." 
William Heath (1794 Northumberland – 1840 Hampstead, London) was a British artist who once described himself as a "portrait & military painter". He was best known for his published engravings which included caricatures, political cartoons, and commentary on contemporary life. His early works often dealt with military scenes, including colour plates for The Martial Achievements, The Wars of Wellington, etc., but from about 1820 on he focused on satire. Between 1827 and 1829, many of his works were published under the pseudonym "Paul Pry" (the name of an overly inquisitive stage character in a popular 1825 stage comedy by John Poole). 

Size is 11.5 cm x 7.5 cm. 7 pages.
Happy Days. Stories and pictures for little folk. Blackie & Son Ltd, London and Glasgow. n.d. [c.1919]. 24 pages, plus illustrated endpapers. Size 200 x 260 mm. Features an illustration of THE MAGIC LANTERN ENTERTAINMENT by Louis Wain. The artist (1860-1939) needs little introduction – his work featuring anthropomorphised cats being famous. He illustrated more than 100 children’s books as well as postcards, prints and greetings cards, and continued drawing for many years while in mental hospitals.


Wonderful ALICE IN WONDERLAND book. One of the most engaging of the many adaptations of Alice was the magic lantern slides series that formed part of the "Junior Lecturers' Lantern Slides" sets, produced by W. Butcher & Sons of London. The complete set consists of 24 glass slides of brightly coloured pictures, based on Tenniel's original black-and-white drawings. The sets were accompanied by a reading of the relevant parts of the story. The pictures of these slides and the text of the original lecture are reproduced for the first time in this volume.  Published by Harry N. Abrams in 1988.

Book measures 11 x 9 inches and has 66 pages. Large hardcover with dust jacket. 60 illustrations, including 24 in full colour.

A Magic Lantern Fairy Tale 

Retold by Neil Philip. Illustrated by Henry Underhill. Published by Philomel Books, 1986. Hardcover book with dust jacket. 26 pages.

Exquisite full-colour illustrations, faithfully reproduced from the original magic lantern slides, hand painted in 1891 by Henry Underhill.

The children's book Shadows on the Screen written by Mrs George Cupples, published in London, 1875.
The dimensions of this book are 11.5 cm by 16.5 cm and it contains 120 pages with children's stories. The magic lantern is used to project images for the children on the wall, and every page of the book tells the story that goes with the slides shown.



ERNEST NISTERS MAGIC LANTERN BOOK. London, Ernest Nister, USA CP Dutton, c. 1890. Cloth stitched spine, card cover, 13 pages of illustrated children's poems.


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