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Slides depicting children. Part 1.

Summer pleasure. Swimming, rowing, fishing and playing in the water. This glass slide measures a huge 9 1/2 ins x just over 3 ins (24 cm x 8 cm) and is made by Ernst Plank, Germany.

These two slides clearly show that an existing set of magic lantern slides often got a 'remake'. Here the scenes are the same, but the working out differs. Often the larger and / or more expensive slides were more detailed than the smaller and cheaper ones.


Glass strip, measuring 11 x 3.5 inches depicting some picturesque children's scenes, probably made by E.P.



Mother is taking a nap while the older children amuse their little sister. Hand coloured slide, set in a mahogany frame measuring 18 cm x 10 cm.
These two British glass magic lantern projection slides measure c. 7 by 4 inches. They were made by Carpenter and Westley, London, one of the the finest manufacturers of mahogany framed magic lantern slides, and they are beautifully hand painted. Name and address of the manufacturer are pressed into the wood. The slides probably date from the mid to late 19th century.

Oblong glass slide. Manufacturer unknown.

This wonderful magic lantern slide is mounted in a wooden frame. Sizes 4" x 7". It is labelled, "Selected Views--The Naughty Boy forced back to School!" It was made after a painting done by the French artist Uirardet. Stamped into the wood of the frame is de mark of the maker, "Thos. Hall Boston".

This hand painted slide is mounted in a wood frame. The label is torn and only says "Selected--A Lady in...". Maybe this could be "Selected Views--A Lady in Waiting" since the woman is waiting to punish the child that probably drinks her milk.


Glass strip, showing six children's portraits. Manufacturer unknown.


More children's portraits on a decalcomania, made by Johann Falk (J.F.), Germany c. 1910.


Coloured slide of a very sweet Victorian scene. It has a mahogany frame that measures 7" x 4". The glass image is 3" diameter. It shows a grandmotherly woman teaching knitting to a pretty young girl....

....while her naughty brother tried to pinch some apples in the neighbour's orchard (right). Mechanical, pivoted, single lever slide.



Magic lantern slide featuring a lovely scene from the series 'Woodmen of the World' titled 'Youth & Old Age'. Measures 3 1/4 by 4 inches.
This is a set of seven 'life model' slides which are 3.25" (83 mm) square.

Slide titles:
1. Miss Nelly off to town.
2. Tired - falls asleep.
3. Dick steals her basket of.
4. Dick makes off.
5. .....
6. Frightened - where is my basket.
7. Nelly begins to cry.

I suppose the set is not complete. There must be a happy end. Will Dick regret his cowardly deed?
A sunny Sunday afternoon. People smartly dressed. Children walking neatly in the park The pram is pushed by the nanny. The most exciting activity is catching butterflies in a net.
Two square 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm magic lantern slides showing a naughty school boy and the school master punishing him.

Manufacturer Gebrüder Bing Nuremberg, c. 1910.

Without words.
Skipping rope.....

Boy skipping rope. Grandpa watches.
Single lever pivoted slide. The frame is made of mahogany; the glass slide is hand painted. The dynamic effect is obtained by moving up and down the moving part of the slide. All measures 7 by 4 inches (or 18 cm x 10 cm).
Girl skipping rope. Solidly made pivoted lever slide. The moving glass is mounted in a messing frame. Hand painted, size 22 x 11 cm, c. 1850.



The game can be played in many ways, alone, in pairs or threes.
Single slipping slide. Move the brass lever and the boy jumps up and down. No manufacturer known. Dimensions approx. 18 x 10 cm.
And this is what happens when the children are put to bed.........

Single lever pivoted slide.
More children......
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