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 Ernst Plank part 2
Detached red globe magic lantern.

A little bit different model.
Welt Climax.



Rectangular lamp housing made of black enamelled tin. A richly decorated lens holder with cast metal curls mounted on a wooden floorboard.
On both sides of the lantern is a gold-colored metal plate with the name of the model (one on the door) and the patent number E.Sch. No. 8703, and furthermore a metal plate with the E.P. Trademark for the lamp house.

  Both sides have a gold coloured shield with the inscription "Gloria E.P." The lantern is made of a black painted tin; the feet are four gold-painted tiger claws. The lantern is 28 cm high without a chimney. The strikingly long chimney adds another 25.5 cm. In the plate holder there is a chromatrope that is operated by hand by means of a little trade. An instruction manual in French, German and English is glued to the inside of the lid in the wooden storage box. The external dimensions of the box are 29 x 24 x 10 cm.

The lamp has two slivers and two rotary controls with the name "Duplex" on the buttons. The glass part of the oil lamp is marked "Selectalampen 15" Cylinder ".


1) Arrange the lantern on a table, facing a smooth white wall or a sheet hung in a doorway, at a distance of about 5 to 6 feet. Fill the lamp to 3/4 with good mineral oil by taking off the bent chimney and the square case, unscrewing the burner.  2) Screw the burner on its place & cut the wicks even, then clean the plate of hard glass & the reflector from any dust. 3) Light the two wicks to a small flame & bring the burning lamp to its place in a way that the reflector with the stained glass is standing next to door. 4) Now replace the bent chimney and screw the two wicks to a large flame but without smooting. 5) Pass the slide upside down through the groove back of the lens tube adjusting the focusing tube by moving it either in or out until the picture is distinctly seen on the sheet. The effect will then be the most surprising. 6) Keep the lenses clean & in case you have dismounted the front in order to clean the lenses, they are to be replaced in the same position as they have been arranged before.


Two shields are attached to the body, which on the side mentions the type, 'Helios EP' with a pattern of sun rays, the other carries the normal E.P. trademark with the winged wheel.

This projector is approximately 24 cm high and 10 cm wide, complete with lens, the length is 28.5 cm. It has gold painted lion's feet and a perforated holder for the chimney.
Evening Star.

Skioptikon  Evening Star.

By 'sciopticons' we mean large magic lanterns with which very large and clear images can be projected. E.P. used for the sciopticons. only achromatic double objectives, so that no annoying secondary colors appear in the enlarged images.

The photos show the originally supplied lamp.
Cheep magic lantern type 115, c. 1925.



Not all Ernst Plank's magic lanterns were provided with the well-known shield with the winged wheel. With this simple lantern the initials are E.P. pressed into the door. The dimensions are approx. 30.5 x 14 (without lens) x 7.5 cm.
Simple magic lantern type 115.

Very early E.P. magic lantern (ca 1880), packed in a wooden box with the sizes 15 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm. The label on the lid shows the winged E.P. Trademark. No marks on the lantern.

vroege toverlantaarn E.P.
Very common model E.P. lantern. Made from tin with brass parts. Gold painted feet. High 32 cm, long 23.5 cm. Suitable for slides of 4.5 cm wide.

The slide holder contains a fairly rare chromatrope, mounted in a tin frame. C. 1900.


Rare Ernst Plank magic lantern equipped with an English light bulb fitting and plug, made of pressed steel with a black anodized finish. The slit behind the lens section is made for glass lantern strips of 7 cm wide.

The dimensions are 28 cm high x 10 cm wide x 30 cm long.
Though this nice magic lantern set is attributed to Georg Carette & Co. by Ernst Hrabalek (Laterna Magica), most specimens are found in an Ernst Plank case or box.

This wooden box measures 9 x 8 x 4.5 inches. On the lid is a well-known E.P.- label (inset), picturing a group of Victorian era people watching the magic lantern show. The lantern itself is 6.5 inches tall and is made of black lacquered tin, on a wooden base. A small brass 'E.P.' metal plaque is affixed to the front. A second plaque (inset) shows the text 'Gesetzlich geschützt' (a German patent) and the model number '720'.
This model was also available in red.



This label is specially made for the Kinematador, a magic lantern with which not only the normal lantern slides could be displayed, but also special round discs of celluloid.
The discs were placed in a rotating holder and provided with a series of images.
When the crank at the rear is rotated, the images on the disc are projected onto the canvas as a kind of film.

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