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Temperance stories, part 4.   
Father, dear father, come home with me now...

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The Foolish Topers.
A set of twelve drawn magic lantern slides made by Optimus (according to a small label in the upper left corner).

The Drunkard's Wife.
A set of six life model slides made by Bamforth & Co, England after a ballad by Mary Sewell, an English poet and children's author.
The main actors in this story are James Bamforth himself as the drunkard (slide 1) and his wife Martha as the drunkard's wife (slides 2, 3, 4, and 6).
Slide 3 is repeated after slide 4.
1. Oh, Edward! do not laugh, I pray. 2. But in a corner, dark and chill. 3. But then began to tell her tale.
4. Our house stood in a bed of flowers.
3 (rpt). To this poor place we've come.
5. To get her father gin. 6. Again, the woman heaved a groan.
Who killed Tom Roper.
A set of twelve life model slides made by Walter Tyler, England after a song printed in 'Zions Trumpeter', a temperance publication published by Marvin W. Lutz, around 1870. (See below) According to this publication "Who killed Tom Roper?" is a parody of "Who killed Cock Robin?", an English nursery rhyme, which has been much used as a murder archetype in world culture.
1. Introduction / Who killed Tom Roper? 2. Not I, said new Cider 3. 'Not I,' said Strong Ale.
4. 'Not I,' said Lager Beer. 5. 'Not I,' said Bourbon Whiskey. 6. 'Not I,' said Sparkling Old Champagne.
7. 'Not we,' said various other Wines. 8. 'Not I,' said Holland Gin. 9. 'Not I,' spoke up the Brandy strong.
10. 'Not I,' said Old Jamaica Rum. 11. Ha! Ha! laughed Old Prince Alcohol. 12. Text.

Lutz, Marvin W., "Zion's trumpeter" (1870).
A similar magic lantern slide set on the story of Tom Roper is probably made by Bamforth & Co.

Most important difference:
The pictures of Tom are mirror images compared to the pictures on the Tyler slides; some pictures of the drinks are mirrored too.

A Good Old Man.

After a short story by Mark Guy Pearse of a village blacksmith, who was converted by reading a few verses of Scripture which came to him in a strange way, and who afterwards became a Methodist Class-Leader.
Set of 12 life model slides made by Bamforth & Co.
1. Intro with Title. 2. Here in the smithy you will find Edward hard at it. 3. He pulls away at the bellows.
4. Edward was brought up in a drunkard's home. 5. For some time he sat looking very sadly into the fire. 6. Holding it in the light of the fire he began to read it.
7. Burying his face in his hands he groaned in his misery. 8. He was going along the street when the words occurred to him. 9. He began his good work at home.
10. He helped to establish a Band of Hope. 11. He could see the procession passing. 12. I heard a sermon the other day that set me a thinking.
This temperance slide warns the audience not to fall into the (mouse)trap of Temptation, Ruin, Ailment, and Povertry. The first letters of these words form the word TRAP. Temperance magic lantern slide with a sarcastic poem.
Slaves of Drink...

A somewhat peculiar series of magic lantern slides from the manufacturer Theobald & Co. The titles of the slides are unknown.

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