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Temperance stories, part 5.   
Father, dear father, come home with me now...

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Temperance Entertainment Deel 3.

At the end of the 19th century, the English manufacturer of magic lantern slides York & Son released three extensive sets of magic lantern slides with stories related to drinking abuse, which was a very social problem in those years. The three volumes with the somewhat strange title of 'Temperance Entertainment' each contain about 50 slides with multiple subsets, presented as a consecutively numbered whole. The Part 3 depicted below contains 6 separate stories, interspersed with a number of slides with the lyrics of a Christian song.

These series of stories were probably shown at meetings of the frequent associations and other organizations that were involved in the fight against alcohol. The stories were basically the same: the man brings the earned money to the pub, the family pines away, the man repents, often with the help of the temperance movement, and finds work and a better way of life again.
And they lived happily ever after.

Those present were encouraged to sing the songs shown on the text slides. Perhaps to prevent them from dozing off halfway the show.

Analogous to these sets, York also released two sizeable sets of slides for children with the title 'Children's Entertainment'.
The performance started with a speech to emphasize the importance of this meeting:

Helaas, geen plaatje beschikbaar.
Helaas, geen plaatje beschikbaar. 
Helaas, geen plaatje beschikbaar.  
Do I need to point the moral, my friends. Sign the pledge. Sign it tonight - and keep it !


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