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Temperance stories, part 6.   
Father, dear father, come home with me now...

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Timothy Crab

A series of 16 life-model slides made by York & Son, England, after the ballad Timothy Crab in Gordon Leage Ballads (1897).

In these live model pictures the audience sees the whole career of the drunkard Crab and his unfortunate family, from the point where his daughter dies in their impoverished room while he is too drunk to understand what is happening, a variation upon the father's absence at the pub, to his being persuaded to sign the pledge, and subsequently walking out in his Sunday hat and coat, regenerate, with indeed his costume 'slightly exaggerated for the sake of effect', from his 'polished boots' to his 'huge buttonhole'.

Victorian Populair Ballad, Jacqueline Bratton.

Slide titles:

1. Their Eldest Girl, Eliza.
2. He was Tipsy when She Died.
3. Setting silent, a-staring at the Wall.
4. Then I Touched Her on the Shoulder.
5. She Sprang to Her Feet and Faced Me.
6. And that Poor Soul burst out Crying.
7. 'Now Jim,' I says, 'I've a Notion'.
8. And Jim, He Cracks His Pipe down.
9. 'You always come round Me, You do'
10. She looked like a Ghost for Whiteness.
11. We took Them in for Shelter.
12. He was waking from His Sleep.
13. Tim, Sign the Pledge.
14. And He lifted His Hand up to Mine.
15. You'd never have known his children.
16. They've got a nice large Garden.
Almost Lost

A rather large set of 24 magic lantern slides made by York & Son after a temperance story with the same title. 24 black and white slides, size 8.2 x 8.2 cm, around 1907.
1. Introduction 2. With Rachel 3. Bonny
4. I've been thinking 5. 'Ta Ta, Daddy' 6. Gave her welcome
7. Knelt at bedside 8. When anyone called 9. Poured out a glass of beer
10. Soldier read a letter 11. You must 'Mission' at home 12. Rachel was wild with grief
13. My home is ruined 14. You needn't get excited 15. My mother's gone out
16. 'I do,' said the boy 17. Inside the porch 18. You hypocrite
19. Things were going badly 20. So much to tell each other 21. A poor drunken creature
22. 'Has this woman any relatives?' 23. 'Why have you forgiven me?' 24. The blessed homes of England

Little Davie, "that Child".
A set of 20 magic lantern slides made by York & Son, England.
Slide titles:

1. Davie imitating the town crier.
2. Mrs Grant unburdened her heart.
3. The betrothal.
4. I'm going to be a Band of Hope boy. *)
5. Tommy was introduced to Davie's father.
6. Two happy little fellows.
7. The Band of Hope meeting.
8. A gentleman gave an address.
9. He received into membership 5 boys and girls.
10. Davie could talk of nothing else.

11. Her husband often worked in his garden on Sunday.
12. The Sunday-school teacher herself arrived.
13. It was Saturday night.
14. Davie knelt to say his evening prayer.
15. He heard Davie's prayer.
16. Lawrence was busy in his garden.
17. Miss Thomas played and sang to them.
18. The service was a most impressive one.
19. 'Do you keep a pledge book here?'.
20. Telling her neighbours what total abstinence has done.
Unfortunately the first slide of this set is missing. We could have seen here Davie imitating the town crier.

The service was a most impressive one.

(Detail slide 18)

*) The Band of Hope was a Christian charity based in London, England which educated children and young people about drug and alcohol abuse. It was founded in 1855 and now continues to exist as Hope UK.
'Signing the pledge' was one of the innovative features. The pledge was a promise not to drink alcohol and millions of people signed up.

There were also lectures that were illustrated by magic lantern, the technological equivalent to present day computerised PowerPoint displays, and noted personalities were invited to speak at public meetings in support of the cause.
A Band of Hope Wax Works.
A set of seven magic lantern slides, of which no. 5 is unfortunately missing. The manufacturer is York & Son, London.
1. John Barleycorn 2. A barmaid
3. A jolly good fellow 4. An honest working-man
This slide is unfortunately missing.
5. A working-man's wife 6. A masher
7. Enjoy himself A slide with labels of the manufacturer and title.
In the Netherlands the 'Volksbond, Vereeniging tegen Drankmisbruik' (Association against Drinking Abuse) was active. The aim was to combat alcoholism, which was caused by the bad social conditions, a goal that they wanted to achieve through the education and development of the people.

For this purpose regular lectures were organized using the magic lantern. The central administration made a projection lantern available to the departments against payment of part of the costs. And there was always an amanuensis who had to operate that complicated device. In the room where the performance was to take place gas had to be present for the lighting.

More about this Association on 'De 'Volksbond, Vereeniging tegen Drankmisbruik'
(Dutch Association against Drinking Abuse)

Also read 'Bad habbits'.

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