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Magic lantern slides after the famous stories of
Charles Dickens
1. A Christmas Carol
2. Marley's Ghost
3. Gabriel Grub
4. Gretna Green / The Old Curiosity Shop / Cricket on the Hearth
5. Bob Sawyer's Party / The Parish Clerk (A Tale of True Love) / Scenes from 'Pickwick" / The death of Paul Dombey / Horatio Sparkins
6. Shooting experiences / Skating experiences / Dickens' character sketches

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Marley's Ghost

This Life Model series on Dickens' Christmas Carol slides is made by York & Son, round about 1884. It's called 'Marley's Ghost'. The series consists of 25 slides. Some sources give the total as 24 slides, because slide 6 is repeated as slide 18. It's not clear whether a separate slide was supplied as 18 or if slide 6 was to be re-used.
Each slide measures 3 inches x 3 inches (8.2 x 8.2 cm).
1. Scrooge's Office. Clerk warming his hands at a candle in outer office. 2. Doorway of Scrooge's House.
3. Effect. Marley's Face. 4. Scrooge's Sitting-room.
5. Effect. Marley's Ghost. 6. Scrooge's Bed-room.
7. Effect. Christmas Past. 8, 9, 10. The School-room. Effects. Ali Baba, Robinson Crusoe.
11. Fezziwig's Ball. 12. Scrooge's First Love.
13. Husband, Wife and Daughter. 14. Scrooge's looking through a door at Christmas Present.
15. Bob Cratchit's Home. 16. Miner's Cottage.
17. Nephew's House. 18. Same as 6. Scrooge's Bedroom.
19. Effect. Christmas Future. 20. On Change.
21. Marine Store Dealer's. 22. Interior of Cratchit's House.
23. The Churchyard. 24. Buying Turkey at door.
25. Interior of Nephew's House.
The Schoolroom effects.
The Spirit leads Scrooge to a place of his early boyhood: his old school. There Scroodge finds himself as a young lonely boy, reading a book.

Suddenly a man in foreign garments appears before them with an ass laden with woods. It's Ali Baba. Then another scene appears. Scrooge sees a man with a parrot on his shoulder. It's Robinson Crusoe. Both scenes remember Scrooge of long forgotten Christmases.

This set was also published in a black and white version by York and Son. Here are five slides depicted. All the images are similar to those of the coloured version.

Even the Boss himself played his part. In the tall man in the centre of slide #20 we recognize Frederick York, the proprietor of the company York & Son that made this set of slides.
Portrait photo: Optical Magic Lantern Journal (the British trade monthly that appeared from 1889 to 1903), November 1897.

Marley's Ghost
The next set of 28 square magic lantern slides was issued by the Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Department, short name WMSSD, address 3 Ludgate Circus Buildings, Farringdon Street, London EC, England. The slides bear a triangular label with the name and address of the publisher and have handwritten captions. Size 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
  Thanks to Nicola Martin.
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