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Magic lantern slides after the famous stories of
Charles Dickens
1. A Christmas Carol
2. Marley's Ghost
3. Gabriel Grub
4. Gretna Green / The Old Curiosity Shop / Cricket on the Hearth
5. Bob Sawyer's Party / The Parish Clerk (A Tale of True Love) / Scenes from 'Pickwick" / The death of Paul Dombey / Horatio Sparkins
6. Shooting experiences / Skating experiences / Little Em'ly
7. Dotheboys Hall / The Eatanswill Election / Bumbles Courtship / Dickens' character sketches

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Gretna Green

A set of 12 magic lantern slides based on a short story by Charles Dickens, 'A precious couple on the road to Gretna Green'. The manufacturer is York & Son, England.

The Scottish village of Gretna Green is historically known for its many weddings. In the past, these were mainly marriages where the bride had been evicted, whether or not against her will. There are now more than 5,000 marriages a year, which is equivalent to one in six marriages in Scotland.
Gretna Green has captured the imagination of authors over the years. Charles Dickens, Jane Austen & Agatha Christie have all written about this picturesque village.
1. Cobbs, he says, I likes you 2. Say you love me to distraction
3. The young gentleman gets out and hands the lady out 4. Harry drying the eyes of Miss Norah
5. They are seven deep at the keyhole 6. Harry on the window seat supporting Norah in his arms
7. They embrace before retiring to their apartments 8. In the Lovers' Walk
9. We are much indebted to you, ma'am 10. He gently strokes his little shoulder
11. Pray, dear papa, may I kiss Norah before I go 12. The father lifts the child up to the pillow

The Old Curiosity Shop:
the wanderings of Little Nell and her grandfather.

The Old Curiosity Shop is one of two novels which Charles Dickens published along with short stories in his weekly serial Master Humphrey's Clock, from 1840 to 1841. It was so popular that New York readers stormed the wharf when the ship bearing the final instalment arrived. The Old Curiosity Shop was printed in book form in 1841.
The plot follows the life of Nell Trent and her grandfather, both residents of The Old Curiosity Shop in London.

One of the players in the set below is Frederick York (slide 23).
The set with the round images has labels with the text "Old Curiosity Shop" and "From Life Copyright." The set with the square images has a label with the text "Curiosity Shop - Copyright." and a triangular label with the trademark of York & Son, London Both sets have a round label with a slide number The images are the same on both sets. Of course the image parts in the corners of the 'round set' are omitted.

Maybe the first one is a reissue of the set after Newton took over the business of York & Son.
The series below is composed of two sets.
Cricket on the Hearth.

This series of 24 square magic lantern slides measuring 8.3 x 8.3 cm was produced by an unclear manufacturer. Most images are cut to an oblong format. A label is pasted in the top left corner with the address of the manufacturer. The title of the series and the captures of the slides are handwritten on the slides.

A similar series with the same images was produced in 1890 by York & Son, England. However, here all images are square with rounded corners. The top and bottom of the images appear to be unpunished cut off without losing important details; see, for example, slides 15 and 24.


1. She sat down before the kettle. 2. Oh, goodness, John! what a state you're in. 3. The Stranger saluted the Carrier's wife.
4. He turned to shut the door. 5. Dot uttered a loud, sharp, sudden cry. 6. Caleb and Bertha were at work together.
7. I can't afford to sing, said Tackleton. 8. The repast was set forth on the board. 9. The Blind Girl held her by both hands.
10. In one stride he was at the window. 11. They moved slowly towards the door. 12. The Carrier sat down by his fireside.
13. Nothing but her clasped hands on brow and head. 14. The Cricket on the Hearth in fairy shape. 15. Fairies came trooping forth.
16. She sat plying her needle before the fire. 17. Rocking her little baby in its cradle. 18. They showed her with the Blind Girl.
19. If you please I can't make nobody hear. 20. The Blind Girl threw herself before him. 21. Dot ran up to Caleb.
22. 'This is my wife,' said Edward. 23. A high feast at the Peerybingle's. 24. There was a dance in the evening.
"The Cricket on the Hearth. A Fairy Tale of Home" is a novella by Charles Dickens, written in 1845. The book was a huge commercial success, quickly going through two editions.
It is the third of Dickens' five Christmas books, the others being ''A Christmas Carol'' (1843), ''The Chimes'' (1844), ''The Battle of Life'' (1846), and ''The Haunted Man'' (1847).

John and Dot Peerybingle's marriage is threatened by a wide difference in their ages. Worried that the much younger Dot might be unfaithful, John consults the spirit of the Cricket on the Hearth whose chirping Dot has said brings luck. The cricket assures John that all will be well. In the end, misunderstandings are cleared up and the couple's happiness is restored.
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