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Magic lantern slides after the famous stories of
Charles Dickens
1. A Christmas Carol
2. Marley's Ghost
3. Gabriel Grub
4. Gretna Green / The Old Curiosity Shop / Cricket on the Hearth
5. Bob Sawyer's Party / The Parish Clerk (A Tale of True Love) / Scenes from 'Pickwick" / The death of Paul Dombey / Horatio Sparkins
6. Shooting experiences / Skating experiences / Little Em'ly
7. Dotheboys Hall / The Eatanswill Election / Bumbles Courtship / Dickens' character sketches

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Shooting experiences by Dickens

A set of 10 square magic lantern slides after a story of Charles Dickens made by York & Son.
1. Pulled up by a gate at the roadside 2. Sam Weller apprehends danger from mr Winkle
3. Mr. Pickwick in a barrow bringing up the rear 4. I know that gun of Tupman's is not safe
5. Like a couple of privates at a royal funeral 6. What's the matter with the dog's legs?
7. Mr. Winkle starts back as if he had been shot 8. Bravo, you fires that time at all events
9. It goes off of its own accord
10. Tupman - you singled out that particular bird
Skating experiences

A set of 18 square magic lantern slides after a story by Charles Dickens, made by the English manufacturer York & Son.
1. What say you to an hour on the ice?' 2. Old Wardle led the way to a large piece of ice 3. Mr Bob Sawyer describes circles with his left leg
4. Mr Winkle forcing a gimlet in the soles of his feet 5. Mr Winkle was raised to his feet 6. A frantic desire to throw his feet in the air
7. Mr Winkle stooping forward, his body doubled up 8. With a loud crash they both fell down 9. Sam assisted him to rise
10. 'You're an imposter, sir' 11. Away went the good-tempered fellow down the slide 12. Mr Pickwick went slowly down the slide
13. Mr Snodgrass and Winkle grasped each other's hand 14. Mr Tupman ran, screaming 'Fire' with all his might 15. Disclosed the features and spectacles of Mr Pickwick
16. A vast quantity of splashing and cracking and struggling
17. 'Let me wrap this shawl round you, Mr Pickwick'
18. Skimming over the ground without any defined purpose
A set of 19 square magic lantern slides based on the story of little Emily, as described in chapter 21 of Dickens' novel 'David Copperfield'.

As was fairly common at the time, the book initially had a much longer title: The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (which he never meant to be published on any account). Like most of Dickens's books, it first appeared in serial form, in this case in the period 18481850.
Little Em'ly
1. This is a wild kind of place, Steerforth, is it not?
2. In a moment we were all shaking hands 3. Mr Peggotty put one of his large hands
4. 'If this ain't,' said Mr Peggotty, sitting down 5. All of a sudden, one evening comes little Em'ly
6. Ham, I give you joy, my boy, my hand upon that 7. Presently they brought her to the fireside
Unfortunately slide #8 of this set is missing
8. They all stood crowded round the door 9. A little floundering across the sand
10. Sit ye down, sir, you're welcome, kind and hearty 11. Mr Peggotty thrust forth his face
12. In the midst of the silence of death I read 13. I'm a going to seek my niece
14. 'No, no,' cried Mrs Gummidge, 'not as you are' 15. As we struggled on nearer and nearer
16. 'What is the matter?' I cried 17. Then I saw him standing alone, a rope in his hand
18. They drew him to my feet -- insensible -- dead
19. I saw him laying with his head upon his arm
Three magic lantern slides from the set
Copperfield and the Waiter
made by York & Son, England. The set consists of 6 slides. Unfortunately the slides 2, 4, and 5 are missing.

Below is a postcard depicting the meeting with the 'friendly waiter'.

1. Is that the little gentleman?
2. (missing) The waiter laid a cloth
3. 'I don't think it will hurt me'
4. (missing) The bone in one hand and a potato in the other
5. (missing) Come on and let's see who'll get the most
6. 'Here the waiter burst into tears'
David is dropped at an inn where eating arrangements have been made for him under the name of "Murdstone." He is served dinner, but the waiter tells him frightening stories about the food and then proceeds to eat most of David's meal himself and even succeeds in grabbing some of his money. David arrives in London very hungry.
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