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Magic lantern slides after the famous stories of
Charles Dickens
1. A Christmas Carol
2. Marley's Ghost
3. Gabriel Grub
4. Gretna Green / The Old Curiosity Shop / Cricket on the Hearth
5. Bob Sawyer's Party / The Parish Clerk (A Tale of True Love) / Scenes from 'Pickwick" / The death of Paul Dombey / Horatio Sparkins
6. Shooting experiences / Skating experiences / Dickens' character sketches

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Shooting experiences by Dickens

A set of 10 square magic lantern slides after a story of Charles Dickens made by York & Son.
1. Pulled up by a gate at the roadside 2. Sam Weller apprehends danger from mr Winkle
3. Mr. Pickwick in a barrow bringing up the rear 4. I know that gun of Tupman's is not safe
5. Like a couple of privates at a royal funeral 6. What's the matter with the dog's legs?
7. Mr. Winkle starts back as if he had been shot 8. Bravo, you fires that time at all events
9. It goes off of its own accord
10. Tupman - you singled out that particular bird
Skating experiences
Belevenissen tijdens het schaatsen

Een serie van 18 vierkante lantaarnplaten naar een verhaal van Charles Dickens gemaakt door York & Son.
1. What say you to an hour on the ice?' 2. Old Wardle led the way to a large piece of ice 3. Mr Bob Sawyer describes circles with his left leg
4. Mr Winkle forcing a gimlet in the soles of his feet 5. Mr Winkle was raised to his feet 6. A frantic desire to throw his feet in the air
7. Mr Winkle stooping forward, his body doubled up 8. With a loud crash they both fell down 9. Sam assisted him to rise
10. 'You're an imposter, sir' 11. Away went the good-tempered fellow down the slide 12. Mr Pickwick went slowly down the slide
13. Mr Snodgrass and Winkle grasped each other's hand 14. Mr Tupman ran, screaming 'Fire' with all his might 15. Disclosed the features and spectacles of Mr Pickwick
16. A vast quantity of splashing and cracking and struggling 17. 'Let me wrap this shawl round you, Mr Pickwick' 18. Skimming over the ground without any defined purpose
Dickens' character sketches

Several sets of magic lantern slides depicting Dickens' characters have been published and it is difficult to determine to which set the slides below belong.
Quite a few of these slides are labelled 'J Cooper Sands' or with the initials 'J.C.S.'. This J.C. Sands was one who gave several lectures on Dickens and was the author of a dramatized version of the 'Pickwick Papers', 'The Pickwickians', a three-act play with clues as to the setting of the stage, etc. He could have used these slides for this purpose. A copy of the book is kept in the university library in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Mr Pickwick enjoying cold punch Alfred Jingle Bill Sikes
Captain Cuttle Codlin The Game Chicken
The fat boy Job Trotter Major Bagstock
Mark Tapley Mr Micawber Dick Swiveller & the Marchioness
Sam Weller Sarah Gamp Tony Weller
Bob Sawyer Mr Micawber & David Mrs Jarley

Magic lantern slide depicting Charles Dickens in his study at Gadshill.

The slide has a triangular label with the name of the manufacturer, E. G. (Edward George) Wood in a corner, and was made around 1890. The dimensions are 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
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