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Magic lantern slides after the famous stories of
Charles Dickens
1. A Christmas Carol
2. Marley's Ghost
3. Gabriel Grub
4. Gretna Green / The Old Curiosity Shop / Cricket on the Hearth
5. Bob Sawyer's Party / The Parish Clerk (A Tale of True Love) / Scenes from 'Pickwick" / The death of Paul Dombey / Horatio Sparkins
6. Shooting experiences / Skating experiences / Little Em'ly
7. Dotheboys Hall / The Eatanswill Election / Bumbles Courtship / Dickens' character sketches

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Bob Sawyer's Party

A set of eight square magic lantern slides made by York and Son, England.
  1. Bob Sawyer and Ben Allen at home. 2. Mr Sawyer, Mrs Raddle wants to speak to you.
3. Mrs Raddle raises her voice to its highest pitch. 4. Does Mr Sawyer live here? said Mr Pickwick. 5. That's the most extraordinary case I ever heard of.
6. The supper was not easily got ready. 7. The King, God bless him. 8. Get along with you, you old wretch!
Bob Sawyer's Party is Chapter 32 of Charles Dickens' first novel The Pickwick Papers (1836). It describes 'far more fully than the court newsman ever did, a bachelor's party given by Mr. Bob Sawyer at his lodgings in the Borough.'
Living in a dismal, impoverished neighbourhood, Bob Sawyer is harangued by his vituperative landlady, Mrs. Raddle, because he cannot pay the rent. The Pickwickians arrive at his party, to which a number of medical students have been invited. One named Jack Hopkins relates some lugubrious anecdotes about medical curiosities. The party is a disaster. An angry dispute arises at cards. The dinner is a failure. Sawyer cannot obtain hot water to make drinks. A long, tedious story is told in which the point has been forgotten. Two men are ready to duel. There is no harmony to the singing. And Mrs. Raddle enters the room screaming, which puts an end to the party.

The Parish Clerk.

Set of twelve Life Model slides made by York & Son, England after a 'tale of true love' by Charles Dickens.

'Once upon a time, in a very small country town, at a considerable distance from London, there lived a little man named Nathaniel Pipkin, who was the parish clerk of the little town, and lived in a little house in the little High Street, within ten minutes' walk from the little church; and who was to be found every day, from nine till four, teaching a little learning to the little boys. Nathaniel Pipkin was a harmless, inoffensive, good-natured being, with a turned-up nose, and rather turned-in legs, a cast in his eye, and a halt in his gait; and he divided his time between the church and his school, verily believing that there existed not, on the face of the earth, so clever a man as the curate, so imposing an apartment as the vestry-room, or so well-ordered a seminary as his own.'
1. Nathaniel Pipkin teaching the little boys. 2. Mr Pipkin suddenly enchanted by the bewitching Maria Lobbs. 3. Pipkin sat himself down at the window.
4. Pipkin had the temerity to kiss his hand to Maria Lobbs. 5. Kate encouragingly beckoned Nathaniel to advance. 6. Pipkin went down on his knees on the dewy grass.
7. There was a very snug little party. 8. A game at blindman's-buff. 9. They were thrust into a couple of closets.
10. Old Lobbs dragged him out by the collar.
11. 'This harmless person, sir, has been asked here'.
12. The girls appear with much giggling and modesty.
Scenes from "Pickwick"

A complete set of twelve slides made by Theobald & Co. According to the catalogue, the slides were made “From the Original Cruickshank Illustrations”.

The Death of Paul Dombey
Dickens' novel 'Dombey and Son' follows the fortunes of a shipping firm owner, who is frustrated at the lack of a son to follow him in his footsteps; he initially rejects his daughter's love before eventually becoming reconciled with her before his death.
The novel was first published in monthly parts between 1846 and 1848, with illustrations by Hablot Knight Browne ("Phiz").
This set of 6 magic lantern slides describes the death of Paul Dombey after the novels' 16 th chapter 'What the waves are always saying'. Paul had never risen from his little bed. He lay there, listening to the noises in the street, quite tranquilly; not caring much how the time went, but watching it and watching everything about him with observing eyes.
1. He told Floy of his Dream 2. Voices asked softly how he was 3. He was visited by three grave Doctors
4. 'Floy,' he said, 'What is that?'
5. Her own poor blighted child
6. 'The Light is shining on me as I go!'
Horatio Sparkins

A set of 10 slides based on a short story by Charles Dickens. The manufacturer is York & Son, England.
Horatio Sparkins is one of 56 short stories which were originally published individually in popular newspapers and periodicals between 1833 and 1836. The story first appeared in “The Monthly Magazine” before forming part of the collection which was eventually published as “Sketches by Boz” in 1839. When it first saw print therefore, Dickens was just 22. 1. Miss Marianne replied, 'Mr Horace Sparkins, Ma'
2. 'There he is, dear; how like Lord Byron!' 3. 'How delightful!' said Horatio 4. Horatio bowed his acknowledgements
5. 'Ah! Flamwell, my dear fellow; how d'ye do?' 6. 'Is he the Honourable Mr Augustus What's-his-name?' 7. 'Talking of business,' interposed Mr Barton
8. Mr Sparkins bowed again 9. 'Pray, be seated, ladies' 10. Miss Teresa raised her head, and beheld -- Horatio Sparkins!
As is usually the case, both a black and white and a coloured version of this set have been released. Below are two slides of the coloured version.

Criterion Magic Lantern Theater Building Figurine.
Part of the Dickens Village by Department 56. Made from porcelain and zinc alloy. Approximately 6.7 inches tall (17cm).

The building is lighted by an electrical standard cord with flicker bulb.
This part coordinates with The Amazing Magic Lantern Show below.

The Amazing Magic Lantern Show.

Porcelain figurine. Part of the 2017 Dickens Village series by Department 56.
The theme of this show is “Alice In Wonderland”. Village Lighted Accessory. Measures 2.75" H x 2.5" W x 3.25" D.
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