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Among other things you will find here extended directions for use on this site, some introducing articles and an acquaintance with the webmaster/author.

Interesting articles about the history of the magic lantern and lantern slides, the inventors, the oldest magic lantern in the world, optical toys from the time before cinema and a very extended list of manufacturers and suppliers of magic lanterns.

Magic Lanterns
Wonderful magic lanterns, classed under sort or manufacturer. Illuminants and other parts and accessories. Modern builders and restorers of optical instruments.

Lantern slides
Catalogues and examples of lantern slides, special, mechanical and dissolving slides. Special effects. Cards for projection by an episcope.

Slides sorted by subject. Complete sets. From the Bible to Punch and Judy, from the circus to the dangers of excessive drinking and much more. Bicycles, fairy tales, portraits, ships and Greek myths. Famous sets like 'The Tiger and the Tub' and 'The Mouse'.

Perhaps the funniest pages of this side. Children's stories, where do the little children come from, new slides for the little princess, how to raise a ghost, a monkey displaying the magic lantern, lanternists of today, trade cards, postcards books and comic books and a large amount of other curiosities and information.
Info: Lists of books, manufacturers and collectors, museums, clubs, links to other interesting ml-sites, and contacts.


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Henc R.A. de Roo, Huizen, the Netherlands.

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