Fringe phenomena
Museums, exhibitions, magic lantern shows etc.
Manufacturers, importers, retailers, aso


Fringe phenomena

All sorts of objects that are somehow related to the magic lantern.

The (mostly) colourful labels on the boxes and cases in which the magic lanterns were sold.
Usually magic lanterns were sold in solid cardboard boxes or in wooden cases. On top of the box often a colourful label was glued. Many of those labels are a real work of art.

Magic Lantern Picture Postcards
Before the widespread use of the telephone and e-mail the PICTURE POSTCARD was a quick and cheap method of communication. These pages show some nice picture postcards on the subject of 'the magic lantern'.

Trade cards and the magic lantern
Victorian trade cards are 19th-century promotional ads for various products and services. Some of those mostly beautiful coloured cards depict a magic lantern.

Between art and knick-knack
Useful and decorative objects, the valuable to the worthless, the wonderful to the hideous, but always with one thing in common.... they all have a connection to the magic lantern.

Paintings, pictures from books, engravings, drawings, and other images depicting the magic lantern and its use.




De magie van the toverlantaarn (the miracle of the magic lantern)
On the occasion of a Dutch exhibition of magic lanterns the booklet 'De magie van de toverlantaarn' appeared, written by the webmaster and author of this site.

Vintage books on the magic lantern
Books and booklets filled with interesting historical illustrations and descriptions on the construction and use of the magic lantern.

Magic Lantern Catalogues
A lot of catalogues on magic lanterns and accessories, lenses, illuminants, projection screens, reading lights, and much more.

Two comic strips

Robert en Bertrand - De Toverlantaarn
Two rascals witness a brutal hold up of a coach. One of the occupants is an itinerant lanternist.
Suske en Wiske - De Stoute Steenezel
The famous comic-strip characters Suske en Wiske have the most exciting adventures. An antique magic lantern has the key role.

Children's books
An interesting collection of children's books with the magic lantern in the leading part.

Special:Magic Lantern Alphabet of Animals - Raphael Tuck
A fabulous vintage children's book that gives a nice presentation of the alphabet using images projected by a magic lantern.

The monkey displaying the magic lantern
The French fable poet Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian wrote a fable about a remarkable magic lantern show: Le Singe qui montre la Lanterne Magique.

The Great Theatre of Folly
The Dutch book 'Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid' [The Great Theatre of Folly] was published in Amsterdam, 1720. One of the most interesting engravings is the 'Actieuse NACHT-WIND-Zanger met zijn Tover Slons', which is 18th century Dutch for 'Night-wind singer with his Magic Lantern in action'.

nl  Bibliografie.
Bibliography. A long list of books and articles about the magic lantern and related subjects.


Museums, exhibitions, magic lantern shows etc.

The Laterna Magica in the 'Stedhûs Sleat Museum'
In the small Frisian town of Sloten (the Netherlands) we find the famous collection of Peter Bonnet, one of the largest and most beautiful magic lantern collections in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Visual Theatre Group Lichtbende presents contemporary Light Theatre using old magic lanterns and live music and they succeed to enthrall young and old by their shows. Whereas most modern lanternists try to imitate the performances of ages ago, the Dutch artists create a brand new art form, using an age-old medium.

Clubs: The Magic Lantern Society.
These associations of magic lantern lovers have also a lot of Dutch members.
The Magic Lantern Society (based in U.K.) and
The Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada.

Dutch musea on Magic Lanterns.
Museums in the Netherlands which have magic lanterns, (stereo-) photographs, film projectors, optical toys and the like in their permanent collection.

Een wonderbaarlyke Tentoonstelling van Echte Tooverlantaarns en andere Optische Vermaakelykheden
A photo-impression of the exhibition of magic lanterns by 'de Luikerwaal' in the Public Library of Huizen, September 1999.




 Magic lantern etiquette.
When magic lantern shows were given in a real theatre, rather strict rules of etiquette were observed. Ladies, please remove your hats!

After the 'Elfstedentocht'
A poem by the Dutch author Willem Wilmink, illustrated by magic lantern slides.
Grandpa tells his story........

Such a silly thing from, er....... 1879
An amusing magic lantern story for children of all ages. Author: Henc R.A. de Roo, Huizen.

How to Raise a Ghost
You think that ghosts don't exist. Perhaps you're right, but with a little help of the magic lantern.........

A lithophane is a three dimensional image which is carved or moulded  in a thin translucent material and only can be viewed properly when lighted from behind.

Sometimes we find on auction sites or other places photo's that reveal that the owner of the objects does not have the faintest idea what it is or how it should be used.

All kinds of everything....
Well....... what else could I say about it ?




What does Henc de Roo so much like about a magic lantern?
The webmaster of this site tells you how he ever came to start collecting magic lanterns and how it continued.

Lanternists of to-day
Annet Duller and Wim Bos still draw a good crowd with their (almost) authentic performances.
Charles Barten, a collector, restorer and lanternist with golden hands.
Charles shows us how to restore a dirty, rusty enlarger and how to reconstruct it to a splendid magic lantern for unusual slide formats.

Gérard A. P. van den Akker, a passionate Dutch lanternist from days long gone.
In the 1970th Gérard van den Akker was one of the very first people who switched on the lights in the magic lantern again. A real pioneer.
Contains a set of magic lantern slides of Ice-Peter.

Gale Wollenberg, a modern magic lantern builder
A magician by avocation, a tool maker by trade; Gale Wollenberg is the builder of many beautiful replica's of antique magic lanterns.

What's the fun of a magic lantern?
A collector (the webmaster) tells you how he ever came to start collecting magic lanterns and where that leaded to.

Anton Pieck and the magic lantern
The famous Dutch artist Anton Pieck, painter of the 'good old days', only once pictured a magic lantern. Why?

nl  My very first one........
Collectors and Friends of the Magic Lantern tell about their first magic lantern.




An extensive list of
Manufacturers, importers and retailers.
What is the meaning of the trade mark you find on lanterns, slides or boxes?
Go quick to the manufacturer you are looking for. Click the first letter of the name.




Collectors and Friends of the Magic Lantern.
A list of people collecting magic lanterns and related objects. Buy, sell or swap your collector's items.

Magic Lantern Links.
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