An extensive collection
Magic lantern slide sets


A rather extensive collection of magic lantern slides.

Included are:

     Just a lot of movement slides.
      Just a lot of funny stories told by magic lantern slides.
      Just a lot of life-model slide sets.
      Just a lot of wonderful magic lantern slide sets.
      Just a lot of magic lantern slide sets depicting Biblical stories.
      Just a lot of magic lantern slide sets depicting famous fairy tales.
      Just a lot of marvellous magic lantern slides.
   Just a lot of nice long magic lantern slide sets.



Magic lantern slides sorted by theme.

The Bible
Beautiful lantern slides depicting Scripture texts from the The Old Testament, and the New Testament.

Adam and Eve
A lot of beautiful magic lantern slides that illustrate the Old Testament story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy are the hero and heroine of a comical puppet show. A lot of lantern slides depict their humorous adventures.
On your bike!
Lantern slides showing the ups and downs of cycling.

Ladies and gentlemen!
We pay a virtual visit to Circus 'Luikerwalo'. There come the clowns ..... Give them an applause!

Bad habits. Drinking, gambling, smoking.
In addition to its role as popular entertainment, the magic lantern was also being put to educational purposes. Religious and idealistic organisations like the Salvation Army and the Temperance movement used the effectiveness of the magic lantern as a powerful weapon against the evils of drink and other 'bad habits'.

Once upon a time......
.......there lived in Germany two brothers who gave the world a lot of stories. There names are Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, but usually we simply call them the Brothers Grimm.

Special: Little Red Riding Hood

Funny Faces
An amusing gallery of entertaining, spitting, touching, shocking, beautiful, frightening, flashy, but always telling portraits.

The Boy Scouts
Nostalgic magic lantern slides about the Boy Scout movement, founded in Great Britain in 1908 by Robert Baden-Powell. Complete with original readings.

Included: Saint George and the Dragon
A set of twelve 3.25" slides depicting the legend of the patron saint of England and patron of the Scouting Movement.


I Love You !
Lovely love stories, told by images on magic lantern slides.

Merry Christmas !
Vrolijk Kerstfeest, Joyeux Noël, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad. Season's Greetings for the friends of the magic lantern.

Special: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Magic Lantern Slides on a famous book.

A Carefree Childhood
Slides with children, outside the house and indoors.
Children playing, crying children, small children, older children, nice children, naughty children.

Work for a living
What did our ancestors do for a living? A choice of magic lantern slides depicting the livelihood of our grand- and great-grandparents.

Animal Alphabet
depicted on magic lantern slides. We all know the alphabet books from our childhood. Discover now without effort some completely unknown animal species.

There's Music in the Air.
A selection of magic lantern slides on music, musicians and their musical instruments.
Living like Cat and Dog.
A collection of magic lantern slides depicting two animal species that always live like cat and dog: the cats and dogs. Our pets and sometimes our best friends.

Included: Pussy's Road to Ruin, or Do as You are Bid
Some popular magic lantern sets based on the Children's book from Madame de Chatelain (c. 1845).

Animal Stories.
Animals always appear in the main role in these amusing magic lantern stories. What can I say more? Just have a look and enjoy.

Countries, places, and people.
The magic lantern takes us to faraway countries and places all over the world and let us meet their people.

On the wild billows.....
ships, boats, a raft..... everything that floats on the water (but sometimes sinks).

Damon and Pythias
The old Greek legend of Damon and Pythias symbolizes trust and loyalty in a true friendship.
Masonic Slides.
During the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, every local post of any fraternal lodge like the Masons, owned a magic lantern and a collection of glass magic-lantern slides.

Birth and Death.
If you like it or not, every human life starts by birth and ends in death. A collection of magic lantern slides, a few concerning birth, much more concerning death.

Father, dear Father, come Home with me now.
Temperance stories. The temperance movement was always willingly to use modern technology to achieve its aims and thus magic lantern slides and photography were put in when teaching the audience the evils of a licentious life.

Expeditions to the Arctic.
There are many magic lantern slides that depict the polar regions and the expeditions to the Arctic. It appears very hard to determine which set of slides was made by a certain manufacturer.

Magic lantern slides after the famous stories of Wilhelm Busch.
Wilhelm Busch is best known for his drawings that were accompanied by wise, satiric and doggerel verse. His 'Bilderbogen stories'  are considered to be precursors of the comic strip, and..... after all also of the magic lantern slide sets. A lot of them were actually adapted to nice sets of lantern slides.

War Scenes.
Roar of guns and clash of arms, heroism and insanity, snorting horses and steaming battleships, impressing warlords and perished soldiers, arid deserts and frozen seas, Boers and British, insurrection and suppression. The first who's killed in every war is the common sense.

Racial images on magic lantern slides.
The way how non-western people are depicted on magic lantern slides was not always very sensitive and sometimes make us knit our brows nowadays.
On the other hand we should not make the fault to describe all lantern slides that depict black people as racist. The bounds between 'funny' and 'racist' are often difficult to decide. Judge for yourself.

America, as it was drawn by Joseph Boggs Beale and other artists.
Joseph Boggs Beale (1841-1926) was one of the few nineteenth-century artists who created artwork expressly for reproduction on magic lantern slides. He lived in Philadelphia and created there thousands of magic lantern images.



Magic lantern slide sets

The Tiger and the Tub
"Mr Long & Mr Short go for a walk.....", a well known opening sentence from a incredible story, told on several sets of magic lantern slides.

The Water-babies
Once upon a time there was a little chimney-sweep, and his name was Tom..... A wonderful set of twenty four slides from Charles Kingsley's famous children's story 'The Water-babies'.
The Bottle
The English caricaturist George Cruikshank published a series of eight plates 'The Bottle' (1847) about the danger of alcoholism. After the example of his etches some imposing sets of magic lantern slides appeared.

Dr Livingstone,  I presume ?  Stanley and Livingstone.
The names of Stanley and Livingstone are often mentioned in one and the same breath because of their legendary meeting on March 21, 1871 in Ujiji, a small village on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in present-day Tanzania. In this item they meet again.
The Life and Work of David Livingstone, Stanley in Africa and Stanley's Expedition.


The Pilgrim's Progress.
After this famous book from John Bunyan at least fifty different sets of lantern slides have been made by almost all famous manufacturers, Bamforth, York, Newton, Theobald, Pumphrey, Barnard, Riley, Butcher and others. Many manufacturers even released several series into this story, sometimes consisting of less than ten, but also of more than a hundred slides.  Including 'The Life of John Buryan'.

Maud Muller.
A beautiful set of six hand coloured magic lantern slides illustrating John Greenleaf Whittier's poem. A sad tale of unrequited love that left us the famous quote: 'For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have been!'.

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
A long story as Alice in Wonderland had to be adjusted to conform with the concept of the Junior Lecturers' Series, implying that the sets always had to consist of boxes of eight slides. And.... it turns out that there is a 'curved version' and a 'straight version'.

How Jane Conquest rang the Bell
This example of a set of Life Model Slides tells the story of a woman who is placed in a terrible dilemma: to stay at home with her little child that is dangerously ill, or to leave her house and try to save the crew of a ship in flames.

Gabriel Grub or 'The Story of the Goblins who stole a Sexton'
In 1836 Charles Dickens published this Christmas story as Chapter 29 of The Pickwick Papers. This set of magic lantern slides consists of 17-19 slides and was produced by York & Son, England.

The Diverting History of John Gilpin Shewing how he went Farther than he intended, and came safe Home.
Magic lantern slides after a comic ballad by William Cowper written in 1782. The ballad concerns a draper called John Gilpin who rides a runaway horse.

Dan Dabberton's Dream.
The set slides of Dan Dabberton tells a tale of drunkenness and Dan's retreat from the brink of destruction. Just in time. This set is used in many magic lantern shows and it is always very much appreciated by audiences.

Dick Whittington and his Cat.
Some nice sets of magic lantern slides that depict the English folk tale surrounding the life of Richard Whittington who really existed once and lived from 1354–1423. Whittington was a wealthy merchant and became thrice Lord Mayor of London.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown's adventure with a Mouse.
Some nice magic lantern slide sets from the story 'Die Maus oder Die gestörte Nachtruhe', written and illustrated by Wilhelm Busch. (also known as Mr. and Mrs Brown and the Mouse).
Christie's old Organ.
Some Life Model slide sets after the book of Mrs O.F. Walton.
Several magic lantern slide versions are known of this tear jerking story. The shows were often brought as a 'Service of Song'. Between the projected slides and the accompanying texts the audience was supposed to sing a lot of well known Christian songs.

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.
Only a few other books are published in so many versions of magic lantern slides as Daniel Defoe's famous novel Robinson Crusoe (1719).
The Lord's prayer
A very special set of magic lantern slides illustrating the words of the best-known prayer in Christianity.

Uncle Tom's Cabin.
A lot of beautiful magic lantern slides illustrate Harriet Beecher Stowe's world famous story. Here are some of them.

Walt Disney:
Mickey Mouse in 'The Delivery Boy'
The British Ensign ltd produced a magic lantern and slides, based on the early Mickey Mouse, Silly Symphonies.

The 'Three Little Pigs'.
In 1933 Ensign ltd released a set of twenty-four 'Three Little Pigs' square magic lantern slides that was soon to be followed by dozens more.

Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight.
A series of magic lantern slides based on a poem by Rose Hartwick Thorpe about Bessie, a young woman whose lover is captured by the Puritans at the time of the English Civil War.
ABC Land,  The Road to Knowledge.
A nice set of 16 alphabet slides for young people.

Three Jacks.
Three sets of magic lantern slides in which a Jack is playing the lead. Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack the Giant Killer, and The House that Jack Built.

De Ontdekking van Amerika
(The discovery of America) decalcomania.


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