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The miracle of the magic lantern.
The history of the magic lantern. The invention. What kind of things did the audience get to see during a performance?

The magic lantern in the Netherlands.
It is poignant that there has hardly been any research into the use of the magic lantern in the Netherlands until now. In children’s literature from the 19e century as well as descriptions from -for instance- fairs and feasts, the magic lantern is mostly only indirectly mentioned.

A real performance with the magic lantern.
Pay a visit to a Dutch living room at the beginning of the former century. The eldest son Henri is just starting a real magic lantern show.
See also: Dissolving Views.

The mystery of the wrongly placed lenses
or Is Athanasius really the inventor? Read about the strange pictures in his book.

Christiaan Huygens,
 the true inventor of the magic lantern.

The oldest magic lantern in the world.
The oldest magic lantern, as far as we know, is located in..................

Discs and drums.
or How the Images Learned to Walk. Things worth knowing about 'tropes' and 'scopes', with photos and animations of treasures from the time before cinema
The story of Merkelbach en Co.
Some humorous lantern slides for the little Princess.

History of the famous Dutch toy shop of Merkelbach. One of their customers was the little princess Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.

The Dutch Salvation Army (Leger der Heils) and the magic lantern.
The Salvation Army in the Netherlands often made well use of the magic lantern in various ways. It was mobilised in numerous demonstrations and meetings.

The 'Volksbond' (Dutch Association against Drinking Abuse)
Also the Volksbond used the magic lantern when lectures were given.



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Manufacturers, importers and retailers.
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