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Part 3. Aladdin - Ali Baba

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Aladdin: or the wonderful lamp

A set of twelve square magic lantern sets sold in a cardboard box. The slides measure 8.2 x 8.2 cm and are made by Theobald & Co, England. This set was later reissued as Aladdin: new series (see below).
1. Alladin meets the Magician 2. The Genie of the Lamp appears 3. Alladin sees the Princess going to the bath
4. Alladin's mother asks for the Princess 5. Alladin goes to the Sultan's Palace 6. The Palace build by Alladin
7. The Princess brought to the Palace 8. New lamps for old 9. Alladin led to execution
10. Alladin carried to Africa 11. The Magician takes poison 12 Death of the Magician's brother

Aladdin: New Series
Reissue of Aladdin: or the wonderful lamp, made by Theobald & Co, England.
1. Aladdin enters the cave. 2. Aladdin discovers the lamp. 3. Aladdin shows the silver dish to a jeweller.
4. The procession of slaves. 5. The genie of the lamp appears to the widow Mustafa. 6. The widow Mustafa and the Sultan.
7. Aladdin goes to the Palace. 8. Arrival at the Palace. 9. Arrival of the Princess at Aladdin's Palace.
10. New lamps for old. 11. The genie carries Aladdin to Africa. 12. Death of the magician.

Aladdin, or The Wonderful Lamp
York & Son, England 1. The Magician and Aladdin.
2. The Magician throws perfume on the fire.
3. Aladdin in the Enchanted Palace.
4. Aladdin takes the Magic Lamp to his Mother to clean.
5. Aladdin determines to marry the Princess.
6. Aladdin's Mother presenting the Vase of Flowers to the Sultan.
7. The Magician gets possession of the Magic Lamp.
8. The Sultan enraged at the disappearance of Aladdin's Palace.
A single slipping slide probably showing Aladdin when he discovers the wonderful lamp. Maker unknown.
A set of three very old magic lantern slides in a wooden frame, c. 22.5 x 6.5 cm. Each slide contains three images. In the wooden case is another slide with Landscape Views. The primitive images are hand-painted.
Ali Baba and the forty Thiefs

A set of 12 square magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England, in their series 'All British T-series' as number 4.
1. Ali Baba discovers the Cave 2. Filled with Treasures 3. Ali Baba loads his Asses with the Gold
4. Measuring the Gold 5. Cassim discovered and killed 6. The blind Cobbler
7. The Robbers at the Cave 8. The Robber and the Cobbler 9. The Robber outwitted
10. The Captain's plan 11. Morgiana discovers the Robbers 12. The Captain disguised and afterwards killed
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