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Part 4. Dwarf Long Nose - Little Muck - Caliph Stork - Sinbad - The hare and the hedgehog

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The dwarf Long Nose

Set of twelve square magic lantern slides sold in a cardboard box complete with lecture.

Jacob, the clever son of a cobbler, shows his anger with a disagreeable old woman buying produce from his mother's market stall.
After reluctantly helping her carry her purchases home, he discovers that he is in the power of a wicked fairy. The witch turns Jacob into a squirrel for seven years and finally into an ugly dwarf with a huge proboscis. Freed from servitude he returns to his parents who no longer recognize him. Luckily his culinary skills put him in good standing with the local Duke. At the same time the King's daughter is turned into a goose by the same witch. Jacob and the princess meet and succeed to overthrow the witch and get back to their families and true forms.
1. In the Market Place 2. Going home with the old Witch 3. Mixing her favourite Stew
4. Guinea Pigs at diner 5. Dwarf Long Nose runs away 6. His Mother does not know him
7. He applies to the King's Cook 8. And makes savoury dishes for the King 9. The King's Anger
10. He discovers the Enchanted Goose 11. Who helps him to recover his natural form 12. Meeting to his parents
Also published as a set of three long magic lantern slides containing four images each.

Little Muck, or The Wonderful Shoes
Slides measure 3¼ inches x 3¼ inches and are probably made by J. Barnard and Son, England.
1. Little Muck at the old Lady's House 2. Little Muck waiting for the Cats 3. He wears the Wonderful Shoes
4. Little Muck applies for a situation 5. Little Muck runs a race 6. Little Muck in prison
7. Little Muck sent away 8. Little Muck's Long Nose and Ears 9. Little Muck and the King's Cook
10. The King's and the Courtiers' long Nose and Ears 11. Little Muck disguised as a Doctor 12 Little Muck flies away
LITTLE MUCK is an Arabian fairy tale by the German poet and novelist Wilhelm Hauff (1802-1827). On leaving the university, Hauff became tutor to the children of the famous Württemberg minister of war, General Baron Ernst Eugen von Hugel, and for them wrote his 'Märchen' (fairy tales), which he published in his Märchen Almanach auf das Jahr 1826. Some of these stories are very popular to this day, such as Der kleine Muck (The Story of Little Muck), The Caliph Stork (below) and Der Zwerg Nase (Little Longnose).

The Caliph Stork
1. The Caliph and his Vizier 2. The Caliph and the Pedlar 3. The learned man and the Mysterious Document
4. The Caliph and Vizier go for a walk 5. And change into Storks 6. They laugh and the Spell goes over them
7. The Usurper takes the Kingdom
8. The Caliph and Vizier discover the Owl
9. They again learn the Secret Word
10. The Owl becomes a beautiful Princess
Another Arabian fairy tale by the German poet and novelist Wilhelm Hauff (1802-1827).

When the Caliph of Baghdad finds himself trapped in the body of a stork, only the evil sorcerer with designs on his throne knows the magic word that will restore the Caliph to his human form.

Slides measure 8.3 x 8.3 cm and are made by J. Barnard & Son/Theobald & Co.
11. The Magician's Son caged up
12. Living happily ever afterwards

Sinbad The Sailor
Made by Theobald & Co., England in/before 1889. First series.
1. Sinbad brought before the Caliph. 2. The Ogres of the Sea. 3. Sinbad sees a Bird of extraordinary Size.
4. The Merchants broke the Egg with their Axes. 5. We beheld a multitude of hideous savages. 6. The multitude of monkeys.
7. The Valley of Serpents. 8. The Serpent swallows one of Sinbad's comrades. 9. Sinbad shooting the Elephants.
10. The largest elephant tore up the tree by its roots. 11. Sinbad and the old man of the sea. 12. Sinbad and the Sepulchre.

The hare and the hedgehog
The hedgehog challenges the hare to a running race. The result seems clear. A hare can run much faster than a hedgehog, isn't it ?!
But through a clever trick the hedgehog manages to win.
This set of 6 slides was probably made by Theobald & Co., England.
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