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Part 7. Beauty and the Beast - The Children in the Wood.

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The Beauty and the Beast.

A set of twelve magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England.
1.  There lived a merchant who had three daughters. 2.  He had to travel through a dark gloomy forest. 3.  Then before him he saw a magnificent palace.
4.  The merchant found food and wine. 5.  He wandered amongst the shrubs and flowers. 6.  She went to the palace.
7.  The bear was greatly smitten. 8.  At last she quite pitied him. 9.  News came that her father was seriously ill.
10.  In a few days her father got better. 11.  She found that the bear was indeed very ill. 12  In his place appeared a lovely Prince.
The Children in the Wood.

A set of twelve magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England.

An uncle plots to kill his orphaned niece and nephew in order to steal the money left to them by their parents.

Three slides from a magnificent series from eight slides,
The Children in the Wood
made by Newton & Co., England in their Economic Series.
4. The Ruffians take the Children into the Woods.   -   Front and back of the slide.
6. The Children left to Die in the Woods. 7. The surviving Ruffian arrested in the Woods.

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