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Part 2. Puss in Boots - Cinderella

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A set of 12 square magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England, in their series 'All British T-series' as number ?.
A set of eight German magic lantern slides in a cardboard box made by Visbeck 'nach original Künstlerzeichnungen für Lanterna Magica oder Lichtbilderapparat'.

A set of 12 circular magic lantern slides mounted in a wooden frame and made by an unknown manufacturer. The wooden frames are approx 6.5 inches by 3.5 inches or 16.5 x 9 cm. Hand painted.
Unfortunately two slides are missing, the numbers 7 and 9.

The lion at the next slide has a strong resemblance with an elephant.
The three wooden strips below follow the story above.


Disc slide made by Ernst Plank (E.P.) for their Climax and Globus lanterns; 11 cm diameter. Puss in Boots is part 511 of the Junior Lecturers' Series made by W. Butcher & Sons, England. See the complete set of 8 slides here.

Two long magic lantern slides from a series of 12, made by Ernst Plank (E.P.). Click here to view these slides and the rest of this set in large.

A poor girl visits the Royal ball thanks to the help of a friendly fairy who turns her into a pretty young lady (demonstrated by the single slipping slide at the left). The Prince immediately loves her in heart and soul and the girl is loving him even more. Unfortunately the Prince seems to have forgotten her face, probably caused by a sudden black out as a result of excessive drinking at the ball, for he has to send his servants throughout the country with the glass slipper she lost when she left the ball hasty, to find her back. And of course they lived happily ever after.

A set of twelve square magic lantern slides measuring 3.25" or 8.2 cm. The slides contain a label with the text: B&S Patent. This indicates that the slides are made by J. Barnard & Son, England.
1. Opening Credit. 2. Cinderella dressing her sisters for the ball. 3. The Cinder wench.
4. The appearance of Fairy Godmother. 5. Cinderella with the rat trap. 6. The departure for the ball.
7. The arrival at the Palace. 8. The Prince waiting for Cinderella. 9. Cinderella in the ballroom.
10. The flight. 11. Fitting of the glass slipper. 12. The Bride.


A set of 12 square magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England, in their series 'All British T-series' as number ?.
1. Poor Cinderella had to scrub and scour, sweep up the ashes, and sift the cinders. 2. Poor Cinderella helped to dress her sisters in their grand clothes. 3. 'Oh, dear!' said the poor girl, 'How I wish -- I wish -- !'
4. The old lady then waved her wand, and lo! the pumpkin became a splendid carriage. 5. Oh! how lovely Cinderella looked in her fine attire! 6. Then she kissed her kind godmother, stepped into her grand carriage, and drove off gaily.
7. As soon as Cinderella entered the ballroom, led by the gallant young Prince. 8. Cinderella started ahd rushed from the palace in such haste. 9. The next day, a herald went through the town.
10. Her two sisters were not slow to come forward to make the trial. 11. At that moment, in came the fairy godmother and waved her wand over Cinderella. 12. Everybody rejoiced at the wedding.
Eight beautifully drawn magic lantern slides with the fairy tale of
The manufacturer is York & Son, England.

1. Cinderella Scrubbing the Floor.
2. Cinderella visited by her Godmother.
3. Cinderella dressed by her Godmother.
4. Cinderella in her Carriage.
5. Cinderella at the Ball.
6. The Prince finding her Slipper.
7. The Prince proclaimed he would marry the lady whose foot fitted the Slipper.
8. Cinderella married to the Prince.

The 10 slides are mounted in a 7" by 4" solid mahogany frame. The visible images have a diameter of about 3.25" and are held in the frame with a metal spring. Unknown manufacturer.

1. Cinderella in the chimney corner.
2. Cinderella cleaning the pots and kettles.
3. Helping her sisters dress for the ball.
4. Cinderella's godmother changing the pumpkin into a coach and horses.
5. The fairy changing Cinderella's dress.
6. Cinderella leaving the palace after twelve o'clock.

7. The Prince picking up the glass slipper.

8. The Herald proclaiming the Prince's wish.

9. Cinderella fitting on the glass slipper.

10. The marriage of Cinderella and the Prince.

Two long slides from a set of 'New Fairy Tales', comprising two slides each with four pictures from several fairy tales, made by G.B.N (Gebrüder Bing Neuremberg). The set was made in several formats from 11 cm - 28 cm wide; the larger with a protecting cover glass.

Set of six slides packed in a cardboard box from the Dutch retailer; it has a label on the cover 'GEKLEURDE LANTAARNPLATEN' (coloured magic lantern slides) and a small label at the side 'No. ?? Doornroosje. (6)'.
The images on these slides are almost the same as those on the elongated glasses above.

Set of twelve square glass magic lantern slides made by an unknown manufacturer.

The fairy tale of Cinderella was also published in Butcher's Junior Lecturer's Series as set # 765. The series appeared as a set of eight square magic lantern slides as well as a set of two long glasses each containing four images.

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