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Part 2

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Two comic stories. Adventures of a Cabby, after a story of Robert Craven (1833-1897), one of the most prolific contributors of reading texts for Bamforth slides, who also often appears to have written verses to suit already existing slide sets, and Pat and his heavy Load, both made by Bamforth & Co, c. 1890.
A Sweet Story.

Slides measure 3.25 inches (8.2 cm) square.
Maker unknown.

The same 'Sweet Story', now in colour.

A luna(r)tic eclipse

Comic slides made by an unknown manufacturer.
It is obvious that there should be a fourth slide showing a total lunar eclipse, but it has not been found and probably does not exist.
Burdock's Goat.

Original Reading.

Slides made by Bamforth & Co.
1 They flattened their eleven little noses against the windows to watch for coming events 2 'The saints preserve us!' she exclaimed, gazing open-mouthed at the goat 3 The goat darted at her with the force of an Erie locomotive
4 Striking her in the small of the back, hard enough to almost loosen her finger nails 5 She crawled out from behind the grindstone 6 'Why in thunder didn't you put him out?' he demanded angrily
7 'You won't go, eh!' exclaimed Burdock, trying to kick a hole in the enemy's ribs 8 He was down on his knees and crawling around in a very undignified manner 9 The goat sent him flying into a sand-pile
10 And darting between his legs capsized him into the ash-box 11 His family dragged him inside, another candidate for rubbing with arnica 12 Burdock invited the militia to come down and practice marksmanship off the roof, promising to furnish a live goat as the first prize
  Farmer Giles and the Bruin.

Seven slides of a set of eight. One slide is absent but does not detract from the story.

Slide measures 3.25 inches (8.2 cm) square.

The Pan of Batter.
Three comic Black Americana magic lantern slides 8.2 x 8.2 cm.

Ye Legend of ye Haunted Cellar.

False Alarm.

The Rival Billposters.
1.  Introduction slide 2.  First Billposter arrives on the scene 3.  He starts work in real earnest
4.  A rival billposter makes his appearance 5.  Which has the greater right to the fence? 6.  The rival also means business
7.  But is interrupted by his old friend Pasty 8.  The argument grows more and more exciting 9.  They leave their work, and paste each other
10.  The bills are stuck rather freely 11.  The rival receives the contents of the paste-can 12.  Tableau
A set of twelve Live Model slides measuring 8.2 cm square made by W. Rider & Co, England. A similar set is made by Theobald & Co., England (below) and though this set is also described as 'illustrated by life models' the images are in point of fact drawings made after the real life model set pictured above.

Perils Of Courting.

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