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A rather extensive collection of funny stories told on magic lantern slides
Part 4

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The Fatal Sausages.
A set of ten slides made by Bamforth & Co, England.
1. Parson Accepts a Perquisite. 2. Dog Smells the Perquisite. 3. Parson Feels Uneasy.
4. They Kick the Dog Away. 5. Parson More Composed. 6. Parson Again Disturbed.
7. He Kicks. 8. An Explanation. 9. He Finds Out the Mistake.
Reverent Mildman was in great request, not only for preaching but for marriages and funerals. Some time ago he saddled his ass and rode on to the place where he had to perform the funeral solemn duties. When passing the house of a widow she gave him a few pounds of sausages and the reverent put the present in his tail pocket.
Standing at the grave side a large dog was attracted by the scent of fresh meat and kept sniffing around him.
After the interment they all proceeded to the church and someone gave the dog a cruel kick which sent him howling away.
When the referent was at the pulpit the sexton wished to give the minister a slip of paper. The preacher thought that the dog had entered unseen in the crowd and kicked back vigorously and struck the old man so that he rolled down the steps.
He explained what happened to the congregation: This old dog - pointing behind to the sexton without looking round - has been following me since I dismounted from my ass. The sexton was of course stunned by the inexplicable  assertion of his pastor. At a glance the reverent took in the whole situation. Overcome with confusion he sat down.

10. Parson Feels Unwell.
The Fatal Sausage Machine

A set of 7 magic lantern slides made by Bamforth & Co, England.

During a demonstration of a sausage machine, one of those present ends up in the grinding container of the machine. His friends panic and try to save him, but it is too late. The unfortunate man is completely ground and a little later comes out of the machine like a mountain of sausages. His friends faint from misery.
1. A gentleman of scientific turn, / The wonder of his friends desired to earn
2. While from the little aperture below / The finished sausage soon begins to flow 3. And while they wait, they chat with interest keen, / Upon the merits of the new machine 4. That when the three at last chance to look round, / Their friend half through the sausage mill is found
5. They rush with eager steps to extricate -- / Too late, alas! -- their friend from his sad fate;
6. They rush with eager steps to extricate -- / Too late, alas! -- their friend from his sad fate;
7. 'Twould puzzle me their misery to paint, / But mercifully all the three now faint
Tribulations D'un Voyageur
Tribulations of a Traveler
A comic set of magic lantern slides, distributed by Maison de la Bonne Presse, a Paris publisher of Catholic journals and newspapers. In 1896 a 'visual education' department was created as part of the company, which, like its publishing department, was used to counter secularism in French society. This department distributed magic lanterns, cinema projectors and the associated visual images.

Each Slide measures 4 x 3.25 inches or 10 x 8 cm. The images are square.

A Sailor's Yarn.
A set of six magic lantern slides made by an unknown manufacturer.

Not worth the pain.
  No. 1. It was an apple on a tree
As round and tempting as could be.
No. 3. But still he tried, till down he fell
And scraped his arm and knee as well.
No. 4. 'T was waste of time - he'd tried an hour
'Twas certain to be very sour.
No. 5. Just one more trie, alas! no good.
'Twas out of reach, do what he would.
No. 6. Yet stay a happy thought, there's Neddy
Close by, as if to help him ready.
No. 7. He 's on his back, whoa! steady Ned
The apple's just above his head.
No. 8. 'T is his - it is n't - yes it is ---
Another inch the apple's his!
No. 9. But what is this - alas! too plain
The farmer's face, the farmer's cane.
Set of nine square magic lantern slides measuring 8.2 x 8.2 cm, made by the rather unknown manufacturer G.M. Mason. The last slide is signed 'H.C.(?) Joster'. Slide number 2. is missing. but this does not detract the story.

Possible: Troubles of an Artist.
I had to guess at the name of the set. The slides are entitled but the labels are damaged and the text is hard to read. 1. He ... to sketch from nature. 2. He selects his subject. 3. Unreadable. 4. He goes to get .... 5. Unreadable. 6. Despair. 

Possibly entitled: Walking on Stilts.
Simple but funny black and white set of nine magic lantern slides that show how Sam tries to walk on stilts. Some slides are readable entitled: 1. Sam prepares the mount.  2. A successful mount.  8. The stilts break.  9. Sam sat rubbing his face very ruefully.
A lively Snowball.

Funny set of twelve square magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co, England, complete with reading.
Mischievous Tommy: or, a boy's troubles.
Set of 12 square slides telling the story of a naughty boy, made by Theobald & Co, England.
1. I was trying to swing from one to the other. 2. I had seized the blacking bottle in a mistake. 3. The first gentleman who tasted it jumped up.
4. He fell with a fearful crash through one of the cucumber frames. 5. The moment they saw baby they said the most dreadful things. 6. There was the dog tugging away on one side and Sammy the other.
7. The chemicals made her cheeks all black and would not come off. 8. They grunted and snarled and rolled in the mud. 9. I rushed into the room to see the two girls fainting.
10. The cloth was pulled over and wine and fruit falling all over the place. 11. Aunt dancing about with one of the largest of the crabs hanging on to her finger. 12. She read it and fainted right away.

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