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Photographing the baby

A set of 8 slides with the accompanying texts printed on the slides. The dimensions are 8.2 x 8.2 cm. The manufacturer is unknown.

The garden hose
The classic garden hose joke.
Four long magic lantern slides, size 22 x 7 cm, probably from a French manufacturer. The last slide is signed, but unfortunately illegible.
The Rope Trick

This series, consisting of 9 slides, was made by York & Son, London, but the slides bear labels from the manufacturer W.C. Hughes from London.

They are made after a poem by F. Grove Palmer, 'The rope trick'. A poor bum seeks a way to earn a living and shelter. He lets himself be tied up with a rope by a sailor and is thus taken away by a police officer who takes him to the place where he will find food and lodging.
  1. The resolve to obtain food and lodging
2. The challenge 3. The acceptor
4. Accepted 5. Bound Prentice
6. A final tug 7. Safe bind
8. Safe find 9. Food and logging achieved
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