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Part 12

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The one-legged goose
A small set of magic lantern slides made by Alfred Pumphrey, c. 1880.
Portrait of Herefordshire gentleman Gentleman's cook and gardener cutting off one leg of goose while cooking
Gentleman remonstrates with cook, who says the goose only had one, and there were lots more like it Cook shows the master the geese with one leg
Of course the cook and the gardener will have eaten that goose leg themselves.
It was a clever trick. It is normal for geese to stand on one leg in winter to keep warm. They hide one of their legs under their feathers for a while and when it is warm enough, they do this with the other leg.
Firework night
 Preparing the event which ends in disaster! Superb three slides marked 'Anticipation' 'Celebration' and 'Devastation'. Manufacturer unknown.

The mischievous boys and the peashooter
A set of 12 magic lantern slides with life models. The set was made by the English manufacturer W. Rider & Co.
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