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A rather extensive collection of funny stories told on magic lantern slides
Part 6

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Rain while you wait.
The maker of this set of 12 square magic lantern slides is Theobald & Co., England.
The slides are entitled according to the text of the reading.
1. Freddie and Charlie found it totally impossible to keep out of mischief. 2. A little ticket on which they were going to write 'rain while you wait'. 3. They espied old Miss Spriggins coming down the side of the road.
4. She is speedily attracted by the very prominent notice. 5. She proceeds to see if she has a spare copper. 6. Miss Spriggins places a penny in the slot.
7. It would be as well perhaps if she put up her umbrella. 8. They turned the tap on and commenced to give here a good sprinkling. 9. A large pail of water which is speedily emptied in full force.
10. The two boys jump down from the wall and begin screaming with laughter. 11. Miss Spriggins shuts her umbrella to get in a better position to enforce her arguments. 12. Freddy is soon on the ground apologizing very humbly.

The Fine Art Gallery.

The maker of this set of 12 square magic lantern slides is Theobald & Co., England.

According to the reading: “This set of slides is a comic skit or brochure on some of the celebrated paintings, etc., that have appeared in our various art galleries, and, properly worked, causes a great deal of amusement. The lecturer should first describe the scene something after the brief style following, with any embellishments that may occur to him; and then, when he has worked his audience up to the necessary pitch, throw the picture upon the screen.”
The Stick Up of Mangelwurzel.

Set of five square black and white funny magic lantern slides. Manufacturer unknown.
Dame Perkins.
This marvellous set of eight magic lantern slide is probably made by York & Son, England, after Lindon Meadows' book 'Dame Perkins and Her Grey Mare Or, the Mount for Market' on the subject of horse racing.
1. The old grey mare was trotted out
And rubbed down with straw.
2. 'Plague take thee, Sal,' Dame Perkins said,
'If at this stumbling gait'.
3. At length, as from an ugly dream
She woke with sudden snort.
4. On came the hounds and huntsmen all,
And shrill the blast they blew.
5. With one light bound she cleared the leap,
Nor brushed it with her legs.
6. A famous swimmer was the mare
How well she plied her legs.
7. A famous swimmer was the mare
How well she plied her legs.
8. Regardful of my due, a pad
Content am I to claim.
Three slides from a black and white version of the same series. This time a small label in the upper right corner makes sure that the manufacturer is York & Son, England.

Two series of magic lantern slides dealing with the same theme: a pair of bad boys who harass a policeman and pelt him with snowballs.
A funny set of four late 19th /early 20th century magic lantern slides showing the story of two boys and their dog: one tripping up a policeman with his umbrella whilst the dog grabs his coat, his hat being knocked off by a snowball, and the policeman being chased by the dog. The slides are numbered 1 through 4 and all are marked 'PATENT'. Size: Approx 3 1/4" (8.2 cm) square.

Slides below are mounted in a wooden frame. Manufacturer unknown.
Oblivious Mary Jane

A funny story told in four slides after a poem by F. Grove Palmer, 'Oblivious Mary Jane' in 'The home of Santa Claus'.
The last slide is signed 'JoB':

The slides were made around 1894 by York & Son.
1. Master Gus out for a stroll 2. The poodle takes the cake
3. Blind Jean in leading strings
4. No followers allowed
The tell-tale cigar

A comic set of slides by Bamforth & Co. after a poem by Robert Craven, 3 slides, 1889.

A girl whose father was far away has her lover visit. Father comes home unexpectedly and smells a strange smell. Then he discovers the lover who is hiding behind the couch. The cigar smoke betrayed him.

1. A maiden whose father was far, far away
2. One thing was still left, which soon settled their fate
3. And then from behind it the lover he drew

Lady with a funny shadow on the wall.

A joke on only one magic lantern slide. Made by Carpenter & Westley, London. The name and address of the manufacturer is stamped into the wood.
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