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A rather extensive collection of funny stories told on magic lantern slides
Part 3

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Set up a Tree.
Complete set of six magic lantern slides depicting a comic story 'From Comic Life'. Each slide measures 3.25 inches square. 
What happened to Tommy Wilful in the train.
Six slides from Alfred Pumphrey.

Colonel Slasher and the cat.

COLONEL SLASHER AND THE CAT. A comic story at six slides made by Bamforth & Co., England, measuring 8.2 cm square.
Colonel Slasher And The Mosquito.
COLONEL SLASHER AND THE MOSQUITO. Set of 6 magic lantern slides.
Size 3.25" x 3.25" (8.2 x 8.2 cm). Manufactured by Bamforth & Co, England.
Wet paint.
 Life Model slide set made by Bamforth & Co., England.
The seven slides are entitled:

1. Intro with title.
2. A painter at his work is seen applying varnish bright and clean.
3. A masher takes the vacant seat, and hopes his lady love to greet.
4. He finds he cannot leave his seat, not even his best girl to greet.
5. She concludes amidst her sighs, 'His love is cold, or he would rise'.
6. This is the masher's only mode of escaping down the road.
7. A curious bird drops on the scene, and wonders what the pants have been.

The Masher and the Hat full of Stones.
Comic set of 3 slides made by Bamforth & Co, England.

No wonder the people laughed. or
A little Mistake somewhere.
The last slide of this set is lacking. The manager of the fairground attraction flees to the cage.

1. A Man-eating Tiger Show.
2. Bill and 'Arry walk 'Hup'.
3. 'Arry thinks He wouldn't eat the Tiger.
4. When's the Eatin' going to begin, Guvnor?
5. No Eatin'! Take that, yer old Fraud.
6. The Showman retires to the Cage for Safety.

Stolen Sausage.
Comic set of 9 slides made by York and Son, England.
1. Master Fritz, his papa, his sister, and his uncle returning home with a sausage they have bought. 2. While Fritz is thinking how much will come to his share, his little dog steals it and runs in. They all give chase. 3. The cook, having gone down into the cellar to count out the potatoes for dinner, has left the trap-door open.
4. Fritz, too eager in the pursuit to notice this, tumbles down upon the cook, putting an end to all her calculations. 5. Fritz's papa follows his son, and the cook is knocked positively flat. 6. Fritz's sister pitches upon her papa, and the cook is pressed comparatively flatter.
7. Fritz's uncle falls upon the top, and the cook is squeezed superlatively flattest. 8. Bruised and crestfallen they mount to the surface again. 9. They continue the search. The dog having in meantime eaten the sausage, has a quiet laugh behind the door.
Dust-up in the dark
A set of six magic lantern slides. The manufacturer is York & Son, England.
The pictures are copied from the magazine 'Funny Cuts", a British comic paper published in London (1890-1920).
1. She was anxious to get rid of her two lovers in the police force 2. Bobby Number One came at six prompt
3. He had hardly disappeared before Number Two arrived 4. In the darkness they mistook each other for burglars
5. Till she, the faithless, appeared with a candle
6. They have time to meditate on the wickedness of that faithless little minx

A Pyrotechnic Parachute.
Comic set of 4 slides made by York and Son, England.

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